iPhone Game Development in Windows
without a Mac or Objective C
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App Store Distribution
Two available distribution options are tailored to fit your needs.

    1. Publish your App as an individual
    2. Publish through Zimusoft

  Through Zimusoft As Individual
Free Webpage   Yes Yes
Email Blast   Yes Yes
App Store Credits   Copyright Seller, Copyright
Payment   n/a (only free apps) Via Apple
iPhone Dev  
Program Required  
No Yes
Extra Files Needed   None Certificate, Provisioning

In addition to an App Store ready App, the following services
are provided for DragonFireSDK developers.

• Your App will have it's own website at:

• An email blast about your App will go out to every
  DragonFireSDK developer as well as on our Twitter feed,
  this could help your App climb the "New and Noteworthy"
  charts of the App Store.

Option 1 - Distribute your App through Zimusoft

You will become a published Zimusoft developer.
The App Store page for your App will read:

   Company Name: Zimusoft
   Seller: Zimusoft
   Copyright: "YourOwn"
   Description: "YourOwn"

The "Application URL" can be your App's page at DragonFireSDK.com.
Option 2 - Distribute as an individual

Register for the iPhone Developer Program on your own for $99.

Upload your app through Apple's iTunes Connect Portal just as you would if you created the app on a Mac. Review your app reports from Apple's website. Payment for App downloads will come directly from Apple.