iPhone Game Development in Windows
without a Mac or Objective C
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DragonFireSDK FAQ

What exactly is DragonFireSDK?
DragonFireSDK is a Microsoft Visual C/C++ library. Its API consists of C/C++ functions that call native iPhone Objective C functions enabling iPhone App creation in Windows. DragonFireSDK is not a hack, it is 100% legal and extremely fast as you are actually using Objective C.

How large is the download?
DragonFireSDK is a “no-bloat” system that weighs in at a less than 5mb… that even includes the resources used in the Sample Apps!

Can I test my code in Windows?
Absolutely, hit F5 for quick testing in an iPhone simulator on your Windows screen.

Can I test my App on an iPhone/iTouch?
Yes! Use the Build Center to create an iPhone executable then drag-and-drop your App into iTunes and sync your device.

Install Instructions

Can I submit my App to the Apple App Store?
Yes! Your final App is compiled on a Mac and ready for the App Store.

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Does my purchase come with free upgrades?
The DragonFireSDK API is an ever growing list. You will receive free incremental upgrades. New versions will have an upgrade fee.


What file types can I use for audio?
The iPhone cannot play multiple compressed audio files at the same time. View this tutorial on how to prepare your audio files for DragonFireSDK.

Preparing Audio

What file types can I use for graphics?
DragonFireSDK supports the use of .PNG files.

I need a feature for my app that isn’t in the API list, can I submit a request?
Absolutely, send your request to support@dragonfiresdk.com. Stay one step ahead and follow us on Twitter @DragonFireSDK

Where can I find documentation?
Every function in DragonFireSDK is documented with sample code.


What libraries are safe to include, which are not?
DragonFireSDK.h is the only officially supported library. Feel free to test standard C libaries that exist on Windows and the Mac such as.
<math.h>        <time.h>
<string.h>       <strings.h>
<stdio.h>        <stdlib.h>

Note that this is not an exhaustive list however the following are NOT safe libraries:
<windows.h>   <winsock.h>   <stdafx.h>

How do I create my own icon?
Optional files in the Build process are:
    1. icon.png
    2. iTunesArtwork
    3. Default.png

This file is seen on the Springboard of the iPhone/iTouch, it is the image touched to start your app. The file must be a square 57x57 pixles. The mask and highlight are applied during the build process.

This file is seen in iTunes. During testing this file is optional, however, it is required during distribution. The file must be a square 512x512 pixles and identical to the icon.png. This file should not have an extension. The mask and highlight are applied during the build process. This file will be submitted to Apple separately during the distribution process.

This file is seen while your App is loading, you could consider this as a "loading" screen. The file should be 320x480 pixles and its orientation should match your game.