Break The Safe
Components: Guards, dogs, booby traps, thief

Skills required / taught:
Chance, mental strategy, race against clock

Break into the bank safe without getting caught by dog or guard / and avoiding “booby traps” which will set you back

About the Game

Created in 2003 by Mattel "Breat the Safe" is recommended to be played by 4 players.

How it Works
Players are spies trying to race against the clock that starts at 30min and ticks down to the game's end. The object is to get the 4 keys to open the safe and return to the start to stop the clock. The keys are found under booby traps that require a specific tool to disarm. There is also a guard and guard dog that will send you to jail if they catch you.

Thought Bubble
Roles - who is the player of your game? The bad guy, good guy or somewhere inbetween?

Use the players brainpower, your games interface, characters, walls, bridges, time and anything else you can to keep them from obtaining their goals... but reward them heavily when they succeed.