Chutes & Ladders
Components: Game board, Player pieces, spinner
Skills required / taught: Chance, counting, image recognition, following directions, consequences
Object: Move by spinner turn, observe instructions whether landing on chute or ladder

About the Game

The board theme is playground equipment--children climb ladders to go down chutes. The artwork on the board teaches a morality lesson, the squares on the bottom of the ladders show a child doing a good or sensible deed and at the top of the ladder there is an image of the child enjoying the reward. At the top of the chutes, there are pictures of children engaging in mischievous or foolish behavior and the images on the bottom show the child suffering the consequences.

How it Works
Played on a 10×10 board, and players advance their pieces according to a spinner, beginning on square 1. Players landing on the top of a chute slide down to the end of the chute while players landing on the bottom of a ladder advance to the top of that ladder.

Thought Bubble
Theme – Other themes could be applied to this simplistic style board game. Think pop icons, movies, music themes, children’s TV…

What active areas on the screen are needed? Do you want to show the whole board or just focus in on the area the players are?