City of Heroes
Components: 3D graphics including enemy units and each players character.
Skills required / taught: Decision making
Object: Players receive missions or simply roam about the city stopping various crimes as a super hero.

About the Game

City of Heroes (CoH) is a massively multiplayer online
role-playing game based on the superhero comic book
genre, developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCsoft.

In the game, players create super-powered player characters that can team up with others to complete missions and fight criminals belonging to various gangs and organizations in the fictional Paragon City.

How it Works
Players begin by using the game's extensive character creation system to first select an archetype, then primary and secondary power sets, then design a unique costume. In the final character creation screen, players can optionally write a backstory or description and battle cry for their hero as well as choose a name.

Characters may begin in an isolated tutorial zone, or skip the tutorial and begin in an open low level zone. A character's level increases by earning experience points from defeating foes, completing missions, and exploring zones, then returning to a trainer. Benefits for rising in level include more health, more powers, more slots to allocate enhancements to powers, and larger inventories.

Thought Bubble
Tutorial - a splash screen or a "controls" button is a good way to explain your interface to the user

Customizable Characters – Allow the player to design his own hero using bits and pieces that are assembled to a hero to the player’s liking.

Setting – a RPG’s setting isn’t limited to medieval swords and sorcery, your game could allow the player to assume the role of brave knight, a super hero, a ninja, a pirate, a futuristic robot, or an unknown creature of your own design.