Crazy Eights
Components: Hand of cards, play stack
Skills required / taught: Strategy, tactics
Object: Shedding - get rid of your hand

About the Game

Crazy Eights works just like Uno, with a card deck as your field of play and the computer (iPhone) as your opponent.

How it Works
You and the computer are each dealt 7 cards. Remainder of the deck is shown face down, and top card is displayed. You play one of your cards to match either the card value or the suit displayed. When you have neither, you must draw from the discard pile until you can play a match. Eights of any suit are wild.
When you play an eight, you choose the suit for the next player’s turn.

As an example, say the six of clubs is played. The next player:
· can play any of the other sixes
· can play any of the clubs
· can play any eight (then must declare the suit)
· can choose to draw from the stockpile
· if none of the above, must draw from the stockpile until drawing either a six, club, or eight

Since the object is to run out of cards, you want to accumulate points by receiving the values of the cards your opponent has left in his hand (in this case, the computer). Traditionally, pure Crazy Eights is scored 50pts for an eight, 10pts for a face card, and face value for a spot card. These points are then awarded to the winner of the round. The winner of the game is the first player to reach a specific amount of points. For two players it is 100pts, three players 150pts, four 200pts, five 250pts, six 300pts and for seven players 350pts.

Thought Bubble
How would you develop a “card shedding” game to make it interesting and fun?
· By disallowing the “wild” card to be the last card used in a players hand OR
· Require that the last card played BE the wild card
· Limiting the number of times a player has to hit the discard pile if he has no card match to play
· Set a time limit for the game
· Give higher value to the wild card of a specific suit
· Have the computer shuffle the discard pile after a set number of turns played