Dead or Alive
Components: Characters, Health Bar, Score, Timer
Skills required / taught: Timing, Judgment, Reaction
Object: Defeat your opponent by draining their health meter to advance in the tournament.

About the Game

The Dead or Alive series focuses on fast-paced gameplay in a three-dimensional playing field. In comparison to other fighters in its genre, the series places emphasis on striking characters quickly and efficiently. There is an emphasis on juggling since countering and fast recovery times make striking risky at times, which prevents slow, technical sets of moves in most instances.

How it Works
Dead or Alive put an emphasis on speed, and relied more on simplistic commands and reaction time. Furthermore, its countering system was the first in the fighting genre to utilize different commands that corresponded to each type of attack.

Thought Bubble
Simplistic gameplay – Using less buttons than other fighting games, DOA simplifies the players input options to allow them to focus on speed and reaction times. Sometimes simpler controls can produce a more effective gameplay experience.