Dragon Quest
Components: Characters and Monsters on background
Skills required / taught: Problem solving
Object: Obtain a quest, Kill the monsters, Complete the quest

About the Game

Dragon Quest, published as Dragon Warrior in North America until the 2005 release of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King — which is also the first main series game to be released outside Japan and North
America, is a series internationally best-selling console role-playing game (RPG) titles created by Yūji Horii and his studio, Armor Project, and published by Square Enix (formerly Enix). Some of these titles have had significant impact on the development of the console RPGs that is still felt in the industry today

How it Works
The series is known for its lack of change compared to Final Fantasy. Common elements persist throughout the series and its spin-off titles: turn-based combat, recurring monsters, and until recently, text-based menu systems and random encounters in the main series.

Thought Bubble
Turn based combat – eliminates the need for individual timers, first person perspective displays just monsters in combat.

Random encounters – allow players to improve their characters virtually anywhere.

Reoccurring creatures – allows code to be reused if another game is made later.