Welcome to the iZone

What iS the iZone??

Well… if you are in need of an idea or inspiration for an iPhone/iTouch game the iZone will immensely impact your investment, turn your idea into income and allow you to retire on your own iPhone money island (at least that’s OUR goal!).

We’ve done the research for you.
We've broken down each game to a point that will absolutely apply to your game idea, and if you don't have an idea you're about to! By being “in the room with success” you’ll have better ideas, you’ll introduce features you wouldn’t have had and you’ll end up with a much better game. Get ideas from games similar to yours and cross pollinate ideas across different genres. Browse the list of games to the left and get inspired!

Better games = more downloads = more exposure & more $$

Each game has an “Idea Bubble” at the end. The Idea Bubble will bring up questions about your game and suggest different routes to take to make your game the best it can be. Some games even have sample code that will show you how to get started writing a game of that type.

Get your thinking caps on, it’s time to make the next hit game! iPhone money island here we come, I can already taste the Pina Coladas!