Super Mario Brothers
Components: Main character, platforms, background,enemies, breakable blocks, power-ups
Skills required / taught: Reflexes, Hand-eye coordination.
Object: Rescue the princess from Bowser

About the Game

Though first appearing the arcade classic, Donkey Kong, Mario has been a Nintendo staple character for years and has become an icon of the typical video game hero. Mario with a plethora of power-ups jumps, stomps, and breaks his way through levels of Bowser’s minions to rescue the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.

How it Works
Unlike RPGs, Mario doesn’t level up, but instead gets power ups to help him through situations. Power-ups allow Mario to throw fireballs, become invincible, fly, swim faster, throw hammers, and other abilities as well.

Thought Bubble
Power-ups – Mario’s power-ups include mushrooms to grow larger, fire flowers allowing him to throw fireballs, extra life mushrooms, and invincibility. Later games in the series include power-ups that would allow Mario to fly, swim faster, throw hammers, and become a statue.

Coordination - Take advantage of the fact that the iPhone allows you to touch the screen. Adding timing and multiple finger coordination elements into your game could increase its gameplay.