Metal Gear
Components: Main character, environment, and enemies.
Skills required / taught: Stealth tactics
Object: Locate and destroy “Metal Gear”

About the Game

Metal Gear is a critically acclaimed series of stealth games created by Hideo Kojima and developed and published by Konami. In the series, the player takes control of a Special Forces Operative (Solid Snake in most games) repeatedly facing off against the latest incarnation of the superweapon "Metal Gear"; a bipedal walking tank with nuclear launching capabilities.

How it Works
While other adventure games focus on defeating your foes, the Metal Gear series focuses on stealth. Bypassing enemies is usually preferable than alerting your foes to your position. Sneaking into a location isn’t always a spy looking for a secret weapon, perhaps your game will feature an adventurer avoiding guardians of a lost temple for the treasure within, a ninja assassin sneaking past bodyguards to reach your target, or perhaps a student playing hooky avoiding teachers and hall monitors.

Thought Bubble
Stealth Game – This style of game focuses more on bypassing your enemies rather than overpowering them.

Power-ups – Power-ups in the Metal Gear series include an arsenal of various weapons, access cards, body armor, rations, infrared goggles, and a mine detector.