Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Components: Questions, prizes
Skills required / taught: In-depth trivia knowledge, risk
Object: Answer all questions correctly

About the Game

This wildly popular TV game show developed in the United Kingdom first aired in 1998. It put a twist on the game show norm by having one contestant only, using suspense instead of speed and having a whopping 1 million pounds as its top prize.
The catchphrase, “Is that your final answer?” became popular in everyday conversation, as the show became more widely known. That phrase was derived from the question often asked by the
host to have the player specify the answer he is, indeed, going with.

How it Works
The player answers each question successively, gaining cash prizes with each one. He must have faith in his ability to answer correctly or use one of 2 lifelines. He must also know when to stop play and take what he has acquired or lose it by incorrectly answering a question.
The player requires a thorough knowledge of trivia and a certain amount of risk. They are given 2 lifelines to call on if needed but ultimately they must decide to go on or not when they are in doubt of their ability to answer the question before them.
A simple plan of moving up sequentially though different questions of increasing difficulty can work in different ways. The questions could be trivia in certain areas the player chooses, they could be mathematical in nature and perhaps be timed, it could be matching certain sequences.
This simple logic really opens the door to new ideas for this type game.

Thought Bubble
The type ability the player needs to move through the game could be trivia but with advantages of things acquired virtually since a cash prize isn’t feasible. Could each game get them closer to a virtual world of fantasy play? Could each win gain them a new piece of a puzzle that they can figure out only after they have all the pieces?

Its fun to think of all the things ways a player can get through this type game successfully. Matching a series of something fun and relevant to our present day times like an entire Hanna Montana outfit for young girls, a shelf of sports nic-nacs in order for young boys. The sequence could be seen for a set amount of time, then it must be duplicated by the player from a set of the same items put on the screen with others added.