Components: Game board, Player pieces, Houses, Hotels, Chance Cards, Community Chest Cards, Dice, Property Deeds, Money
Skills required / taught: Real estate ownership, rental, negotiation, money management
Object: Accumulate the most wealth and property ownership while breaking your opponents

About the Game

Named after the economic concept of monopoly, the domination of a market by a single entity. Monopoly is the most commercially-successful board game in United States history, with 485 million players worldwide. The board consists of 40 spaces containing 28 properties (22 colored Streets, 4 Railroads and 2 Utilities), 3 Chance spaces, 3 Community Chest spaces, a Luxury Tax space, an Income Tax space, and the 4 corner squares: GO, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail.

How it Works
Players take turns in order, with the initial player determined by chance before the game. A turn begins with the rolling of the dice and advancing clockwise around the board the corresponding number of squares. If the player lands on an unowned property, whether street, railroad, or utility, he can buy the property for its listed purchase price. If he declines this purchase, the property is auctioned off by the bank to the highest bidder. If the property landed on is already owned and unmortgaged, he must pay the owner a given rent, the price dependent on whether the property is part of a monopoly or its level of development.

During a turn, players may also choose to develop or mortgage properties. Development involves the construction, for given amounts of money paid to the bank, of houses or hotels.

Thought Bubble
Knowing the typical length of Monopoly is considered long for an iPhone game, consider a variation on the real estate theme that is shorter and simpler.

Customize to a particular American city and factor in actual current market values.

Create an entire community where residential and commercial real estate sales are simulated.

Monopoly has had many different version created, what different versions of your own game might you be able to come back to create? Farm version, Beverly Hills version, Science Fiction version…