Search A Word
Components: Letters arranged on the screen in a grid making up words horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
Skills required / taught: Ability to find words hidden in non-conventional arrangements
Object: Words that can be found within the square of letters may be listed to the side. The player must find as many of the given words as possible searching horizontally,vertically and diagonally.

About the Game
Commonly found in newspapers or used as educational tools for children, this popular form of a word search has been around for along time. Known by many different names, the original English design was first published in 1968.
The game is a fun, unhurried way to pass time and a great brain – teaser to keep the mind sharp.
Finding your favorite method to “see” the words in the grid is half the fun!

Trivia knowledge is always popular at a party, why wouldn’t it make a great game when combined with an explosively popular new movie? Latching on to something being followed by a large percent of the population automatically gives a new game idea a following.

How it Works
Obviously, finding all the words within the grid would prove you the winner. Sometimes the words to find are given. Sometimes there are none given but a theme is incorporated so the player knows what type of words to look for.
Putting a slight spin on this common game can take the game creator in a whole new direction. A timed version might be slight alteration that amps up the fun and excitement.

Thought Bubble
What are new ways to use the same format? Would it work to only uncover parts of the grid at a time in an online version? Can it be partly driven by the player having to remember where certain letters were?

Could the same type game be created but with hyped up theme graphics and prizes as the player goes along perhaps culminating in a big virtual prize?

Is there a way to incorporate different elements on the grid? Numbers? Matching a series of objects?