Components: Gameboard, 2 armies of 40 piece each
Skills required / taught: Strategy, memory, tactics
Object: Find and capture opponent’s flag or stop him from continuing

About the Game

Stratego is a board game featuring a 10 × 10 square board and two players with 40 pieces each. Pieces represent individual officers and soldiers in an army. The objective of the game is to either find and capture the opponent's Flag, or capture so many of the opponent's pieces that he/she cannot make any further moves. Players cannot see the ranks of each other's pieces, so disinformation and discovery are important elements of the game.

How it Works
Each player moves one piece per turn. If a piece is moved onto a square occupied by an opposing piece, their identities are revealed, the weaker piece is removed from the board, and the stronger piece is moved into the place formerly occupied by the weaker piece. If the engaging pieces are of equal rank, they are both removed. Pieces may not move onto a square already occupied by another piece without attacking. Special units include Bombs , which may not be moved but defeat all units attacking them except for Miners (Rank 8), and the Spy, the Spy is the only unit that can attack the opponent’s Marshall (Rank 1) and live, if he attacks any other piece or is attacked by anyone else he is defeated.

Thought Bubble
How could Stratego be simplified or modified into a hot iPhone game?

What other military themed ideas do you have?

Can they be made relevant to a specific war or conflict in world history?

Could this kind of strategic game take on a completely different theme other than military?