Text Twist
Components: 6 letters on circle buttons, 6 boxes, 4 choice buttons, sets of boxes to side to keep up with words found.
Skills required / taught: Finding words in a scramble of random letters, quickness
Object: Player must find combinations of words during the time allotted given the six letters on the screen.

About the Game

The catchy game of Text twist was created by GameHouse. It’s one of those games that can keep you engrossed as you keep hitting that ’”Next Game” button seeking your perfect score.
It is a great way to pass a few minutes as you wait in line or take a short break. It also, however, can provide levels to keep you in play longer if that’s what you’re looking for.

How it Works
Seemingly random letters are lined up on the screen with boxes above them. As the player finds a word, he clicks on them in the order that he wants them to appear in the boxes. Points are given immediately for each correctly spelled word. He can choose the “Twist” button if he wants to scramble the letters in hopes of seeing new words. The words he finds are entered in a set of boxes to the side keeping up with the words he has already found.

Unscrambling letters in words can be a format used to come up with new game ideas. Other objects can be used and they can be unscrambled or matched or put in usual sets. Thinking along these lines will bring new game ideas into focus.

Thought Bubble
What are some sets; letters, number, objects; that can be unscrambled or matched to make new subsets?

What are things that are commonly known or know best by a demographic group that a new game could cater to such as sets of numbers that make up a given end amount for the math geniuses.

Can subsets be found within a group of objects that pertain to a popular craze of the day?

Can the game being arranged in a slightly different way? Maybe the player must come up with as many words as he can think of that pertain to a certain subject in the time allotted.