Twihard New Moon
Components: Questions about the current movie hit, Twilight
Skills required / taught: Twilight trivia knowledge
Object: Single handedly answer questions about the popular movie or race to answer against the knowledge of a friend.

About the Game

Twihard has jumped on the Twilight bandwagon but giving the public more of what it seems to be craving. We can’t get enough of this story or these characters. Offered by As U Wish, LLC, it is proving to be a hot download.

Trivia knowledge is always popular at a party, why wouldn’t it make a great game when combined with an explosively popular new movie? Latching on to something being followed by a large percent of the population automatically gives a new game idea a following.

How it Works
This trivia game lets the player set his question levels (Twilight, Medium and Twihard) and categories (book only, Realitwi,or all categories). It also allows the player to play against himself or another player. Actors from the movie help the player along and as each question is answered correctly, things such as screen color changes occur to bring a little added excitement.

Pop culture is fun to draw from for any game but it lends itself especially to the simplicity of a trivia game. A few different ways to ask questions, single answer, multiple choice, allow for changes between games or even within the same game.

Thought Bubble
What is popular in entertainment, sports, current events that would automatically raise interest in a new game?

What would be fun ways to add interest as the player progresses through levels of play? Screen changes? Congratulatory comments from one of the games characters? Adding items related to the theme to a basket that will ultimately buy the player an exciting virtual prize like a date with an actor in the movie?

Create and build onto a world where the player can feel a part of something that is very popular. If it is an ongoing part of pop culture, as Twihard is with movie sequals yet to come, keep up with new information and add to the game or provide second level games.