Components: Moles, ground, score
Skills required / taught: Hand-eye, quickness
Object: Hit the moles on the head as they pop up and send them back into their holes. The more moles you hit in the alloted time, the higher the score.

About the Game

Whac-A-Mole was invented in 1971 by Aaron Fechter. Fechter went on to start the entertainment pizza chain Showbiz Pizza Place with a Kansas businessman named Bob Brock. Their new company bought more Whac-a-Moles than any other single customer.

How it Works
Got a hefty frustration you want to “whack” out? Your phone is your tool. Let’s whack some moles (or mentally substitute whomever you like in their place.)
The “mallet” is, or course, your finger. If you don’t strike a mole within a certain time or with enough force, it will eventually sink back into its hole with no score. Gameplay starts out slow enough for most people to hit all of the moles that rise, it gradually increases in speed, with each mole spending less time above the hole and with more moles outside of their holes at the same time. After a designated time limit, the game ends, regardless of the skill of the player. The final score is based upon the number of moles struck.

Thought Bubble
What theme would your own version of Whack-A-Mole be based on? (i.e. political figures, sports figures, celebrities, seasonal etc.)

What graphic elements would you need?

Are sounds would you use?